Opioids weren’t the biggest big pharma scandal by a long shot. The COVID vaccines were.

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  The Long Road from Objects to Subjects!

As you know, or only believe or suppose, A Unique Universal Ubiquitous Abstract Power (UUUAP) hard working was created What We See or Not!

At a certain point of the universal time, the universe was full of objects: the stars, the planets, ordinary stones, and UUUAP took care, as a good Parent, to put each object at its place.

But a minor problem appeared: the objects had to move at least from time to time; and, from here, the tired and boredom.

That's why, firmly, He Said:

"I have to Do something on My Measure!"

And He Created The Human Individual!

Many years later, the Human Individual, having its own energy, intelligence, behaviour, becomes even independent and begins to make many objects: a hammer, a table, a picture, and so on, even an object for computing!

Good work, but, exactly said, and like as above-mentioned, the tired and boredom appeared and, in a good day, at a cup of coffee, he said:

"I have to do something on my measure!"

And he created The Informational Individual!

For details: usm2019.com The Universal Software Model

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Thank you for taking the time to post this information.


San diego

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